CCC Board of Education adjusts tuition

Jul 12, 2021, 13:26 PM by CCC Staff


OREGON CITY – During its June 30 meeting, the Clackamas Community College Board of Education approved an adjustment to the 2021-22 tuition thanks to full funding from the state legislature.  

This spring, the board approved a tiered tuition increase, based on the level of funding coming from the state legislature, ranging from $5/credit hour to $3/credit hour. In March, the Board approved a $5 increase, prior to knowing the level of state funding. Because of sufficient funding from the state, the board amended tuition at its June 30 meeting to a $3/credit hour increase, which brings CCC tuition to $111/credit hour. 

Oregon’s community colleges have three main funding sources: property taxes, state funding and tuition. In recent years, funding from the state has not kept pace with increased costs related to inflation and PERS, and colleges had to make up the difference by increasing tuition and/or decreasing student services and offerings.

“On behalf of the CCC Board of Education, I want to thank our legislators for giving community colleges the support they need to continue to serve our students and help with the state’s economic recovery,” Board of Education Chair Greg Chaimov said.

This legislative session, Oregon’s community colleges received $702 million for the next biennium, which is a historic $61 million over the last biennium of $641 million. At this level, colleges like CCC can maintain current service levels without significant tuition increases or cutting programs or services. 

Even with the modest tuition increase, Clackamas Community College remains the most affordable college in the Portland metro area. 

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