CCC Horticulture Department announces fall workshops

Sep 29, 2023, 15:32 PM by CCC Staff

OREGON CITY - As fall approaches, Clackamas Community College's Horticulture Department invites gardening and outdoor enthusiasts to dive into a series of engaging workshops designed to nurture passion for plants and outdoor well-being.

Fall Mason Bee Care

Saturday, Oct. 14

10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Fee: $45

In this hands-on workshop participants will learn how to harvest, inspect and clean mason bee cocoons. Participants will look for and learn about pests and diseases that commonly attack mason bees and explore tips for prevention. Those who have mason bee housing of their own are welcome to bring their own nesting devices and will be shown how to open and clean their own cocoons. Participants who do not have mason bees will get to practice. At the end of the workshop, every participant will take home about 20 cocoons of their own.

Yoga for Plant People (and everyone else, too!)

Saturday, Oct. 21

9-11 a.m.

Fee: $15

Farmers, gardeners, arborists, landscapers and anyone else using their bodies outdoors can benefit from this workshop. Participants will practice ways to relax muscles and find relief for the soreness and aches that come from working outdoors. Learn how to reduce injury and stress on the body from repetitive motion, heavy lifting and bending, with a special focus on postures, alignment and maintaining physical activity over the long term. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.

Foundations of Irrigation Design

Nov. 3 and 4

8 a.m.-4:50 p.m.

Fee: $160

Developed by Irrigation Association instructors with years of teaching experience, this beginner course focuses on designing a simple residential or small commercial system. Participants complete two designs from start to finish during this fast-paced, two-day class. Topics include gathering site information, calculating system capacity, soil-water-plant relationships, pipe sizing, hydraulics, head layout, uniformity, zoning and plan presentation. Qualifies for 16 Irrigation Association continuing education units (CEU) and 16 continuing education hours (CEH) for the Landscape Contractors Board (LCB).

Instalación y Mantenimiento del Sistema de Riego Paisajístico en Español

Costar: $80

Esta sesión de aprendizaje de dos días, el viernes 3 de noviembre de 8 am al mediodía, y el sábado 4 de noviembre de 8 am a 5 pm, cubre una descripción general de los componentes del sistema de riego y cómo funcionan. Aprende los conceptos básicos de la instalación y el mantenimiento de hidráulicos y sistemas de riego. Obtenga información sobre la soldadura y reparación de tuberías de PVC con disolventes, la instalación de boquillas y el ajuste de cabezas, la configuración y reparación de válvulas eléctricas, y las técnicas de cableado de campo y controlador. Combinada con la experiencia de la industria, esta clase sirve como una repaso para aquellos que planean tomar el examen de Técnico de Riego Certificado de la Asociación de Riego (IA). Este taller incluye apoyo matemático suplementario para los conceptos y ecuaciones que se tratan en clase. Aprobado para 8 CEH con la Junta de Contratistas de Paisajismo (LCB).

Orchard Care Seminar

Saturday, Nov. 11

9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Fee: $40

Join the Home Orchard Education Center and the CCC Horticulture Department for a half-day orchard care seminar featuring local horticultural and orcharding educators and experts. Topics include holistic and clay sprays, pest management, pruning basics, identifying common diseases and more.

Pesticide CORE training

Friday, Nov. 17

8 a.m.-noon

Fee: $40

This training qualifies for 4 CORE recertification credits as required by the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). The fall and winter courses are different and both will count toward recertification in the same year. This course also qualifies for 4 CEH with the Landscape Contractors Board (LCB).

Aprendizaje Licencia Recertificación

Viernes 2 de diciembre

8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Costar: $80

Clase cumple con los requisitos de capacitatción de Oregon Department of Argriculture para la recertificación de licencia de aprendiz aplicador. También califica para 8 CEH con la Junta de Contratistas de Paisajismo (LCB).

Deciduous Tree and Shrub Identification

Saturday, Dec. 2

9 a.m.-noon

Fee: $20

In this plant awareness workshop, participants will start in the classroom and discuss features of plant families and locally grown genera and species of plants. Then, enjoy a stroll around the Oregon City campus looking at deciduous shrubs and trees and how they’re used in our landscape. A link to the walk, showing the location and names of plants that were discussed will be provided. Approved for 3 LCB CEH.

All workshops are on the Oregon City campus, 19600 Molalla Ave. To register, visit CCC Horticulture's EventBrite page. For questions, contact Loretta Mills at

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