Clackamas Community College introduces phlebotomy certificate

Nov 28, 2023, 10:24 AM by CCC Staff

Student in scrubs giving patient an IV

OREGON CITY - Clackamas Community College (CCC) launched a new phlebotomy certificate. This program is designed to provide students with a fast track to a rewarding career in health care. With just 6 months of classes, individuals can become certified phlebotomists and join the vital health care workforce.

What is a phlebotomist?

Phlebotomists are highly trained professionals responsible for collecting blood samples from individuals. They play a crucial role in clinics, hospitals and laboratories, ensuring safe and accurate blood collection for medical purposes.

Phlebotomy technicians, as they are often referred to, not only collect blood but also prepare the samples for testing. Their responsibilities may extend to explaining the blood-drawing procedure to patients, helping to alleviate any concerns and ensuring a comfortable experience for those they serve.

Phlebotomy technicians find employment opportunities in various health care settings, like hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, nursing homes, medical labs, blood donation centers, research institutes and insurance companies. They may work different shifts, including evenings, nights, weekends and holidays, and are often on their feet, interacting with patients or preparing samples for laboratory analysis.

Phlebotomy certificate program details

This program is designed to equip students with essential skills required in health care, including:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Effective communication
  • Trauma-informed practices
  • Self-care principles
  • Critical thinking
  • Reflective practice
  • Process improvement

For those interested in pursuing this exciting career path, the application deadlines for the spring/summer cohort are:

  • Applications due: Feb. 26
  • Notification of application status: March 4
  • Mandatory orientation for conditionally accepted students: March 13

The program combines online learning with in-person skills labs, followed by a clinical practicum, ensuring students receive comprehensive training in:

  • Safe blood collection through venipuncture and capillary puncture procedures
  • Correct collection, processing and handling of laboratory specimens
  • Compliance with legal, ethical, safety, quality and regulatory standards
  • Understanding of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology related to phlebotomy
  • Communication, patient interaction, stress management, time management and professional behavior in health care settings
  • Preparation for the credentialing process and employment in the community

For more information about the Phlebotomy Certificate program at Clackamas Community College, please visit the Phlebotomy webpage. For questions, email or call 503-594-0650.

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