CCC offers free wildlife and water-friendly garden series

Dec 18, 2023, 10:14 AM by CCC Staff
Ducks swimming outside the ELC

OREGON CITY - Clackamas Community College’s Environmental Learning Center, in collaboration with its sponsors and community partners, is hosting a wildlife and water-friendly garden series this winter. This series aims to educate and empower individuals interested in home gardening for wildlife conservation and water quality enhancement.

The series, taking place on Thursdays from Jan. 25 to March 7, noon to 1 p.m., will be conducted virtually via Zoom (link will be provided upon registration). This free program is open to anyone passionate about creating a more sustainable and wildlife-friendly garden environment.

Program Highlights:

  • Jan. 25: Connecting the Pieces of our Urban Ecosystems
    Explore the intricate web of our urban ecosystems and discover ways to contribute positively to their balance.
  • Feb. 1: Take a Walk on the Wild Side: The Remarkable Wild Bees of Oregon
    Learn about Oregon's remarkable wild bees and how to welcome these vital pollinators into your backyard.
  • Feb. 8: Garden Smart for the Changing Climate
    Gain insights into gardening practices that are adaptive to the challenges posed by our changing climate.
  • Feb. 15: Friend or Foe? How to Identify Invasive Plants in Our Backyards
    Discover how to identify and manage invasive plant species that can harm local ecosystems.
  • Feb. 22: Companion Planting for Clean Water
    Explore the benefits of companion planting and its role in promoting clean water practices in your garden.
  • Feb. 29: Plants and Fungal Networks
    Delve into the fascinating world of plant-fungal networks and their impact on garden health.
  • March 7: What Tree Should I Plant?
    Get guidance on selecting the right trees to enhance your garden's ecological value.

This series is made possible through the generous support of Clackamas Water Environment Services and the collaborative efforts of community partners, including Clackamas River Basin Council, Clackamas River Water Providers, Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District, Greater Oregon City Watershed Council, North Clackamas Watersheds Council, and Oak Lodge Water Services.

Join the Environmental Learning Center for an engaging and informative journey toward creating a garden that is not only beautiful but also beneficial to wildlife and water quality. To register for this exciting series, visit the event registration page.

About the Environmental Learning Center

The Environmental Learning Center has a rich history as an educational resource for Clackamas Community College, regional schools, industry and the community. Located on the former site of a Smucker's processing plant, the center was created to demonstrate what people could do to reclaim industrial sites, address stormwater issues and restore wildlife habitats in urban areas. Each year, thousands of people visit to explore the 5-acre site and learn about watershed health. The site serves as an important stormwater facility for the college campus and provides critical wetland habitat for resident and migratory birds, such as the great blue herons, cedar waxwings and mergansers. For more information about the Environmental Learning Center, visit CCC's Environmental Learning Center webpage.

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