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About Clackamas Community College

For more than 50 years, Clackamas Community College has offered high-quality education and training opportunities, lifetime learning and robust student life programming. The college was founded in 1966 and serves Clackamas County with campuses in Oregon City, Milwaukie and Wilsonville.

CCC offers more than 100 career technical education programs, transfer degrees, English Speakers of Other Languages programs, GED/Adult Basic Education, community education and business training.

About our students

CCC's economic impact in the county

In fiscal year 2021-22, CCC added $314.7 million in income to the Clackamas County economy, a value approximately equal to 1.2% of the county's total gross regional product (GRP). In terms of jobs, CCC's impact supported 3,962 jobs. For perspective, the activities of CCC and its students support one out of every 63 jobs in Clackamas County.

Operations spending impact

CCC employed 947 full-time and part-time faculty and staff in fiscal year 2021-22. Payroll amounted to $57.5 million, much of which was spent in the county for groceries, mortgage and rent payments, dining out and other household expenses. The college spent another $25.9 million on day-to-day expenses related to facilities, supplies and professional services.

The net impact of the college's operations spending added $66.5 million in income to the county economy in fiscal year 2021-22.

Student spending impact

Around 27% of credit-seeking students attending CCC originated from outside the county. Some of these students relocated to Clackamas County. In addition, some in-county students, referred to as retained students, would have left Clackamas County for other educational opportunities if not for CCC. These relocated and retained students spent money on groceries, mortgage and rent payments, and other living expenses at county businesses.

The expenditures of relocated and retained students in fiscal year 2021-22 added $8.9 million in income to the Clackamas County economy.

Alumni impact

Over the years, students have studied at CCC and entered or re-entered the workforce with newly acquired knowledge and skills. Today, thousands of these former students are employed in Clackamas County.

The net impact of CCC's former students currently employed in the county workforce amounted to $239.3 million in added income in fiscal year 2021-22.

Investment analysis

  • For every dollar invested, students gain $4.20 in lifetime earnings.
  • Taxpayers receive a return of $1.30 in enhanced tax revenues and public sector savings.
  • The wider society benefits as well, accruing $6.50 in additional income and social savings.
  • The average associate degree recipient from CCC can expect to see an increase in earnings of $9,000 annually in Oregon compared to those with high school diplomas.
Lori Hall


Lori Hall

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Clackamas Community College

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