About the proposed projects

This bond renewal is a necessary investment in our community's future that will prepare our students for success with modern learning spaces and innovative in-demand programs; improve community access to our college and enhance partner and community connections and preserve; and maintain our assets by updating, maintaining and repairing aging facilities.

Bond proposal project themes

The bond will positively impact our community and students in three ways:

  1. Prepare students for success in modern learning spaces
    These projects will expand student opportunities by funding the construction of a center of excellence for horticulture, farming, welding, and wildland fire, partnering with the Clackamas OSU Extension Service, as well as modernizing existing classrooms to meet the needs of education today.
  2. Enhance partner and community connections
    We will strengthen our community connections and access by creating workforce partnerships at our Wilsonville campus; improving athletic fields and walking trails on campus for community use; and creating lifelong STEM learning opportunities for younger students with a new Challenger Center.
  3. Preserve and maintain assets
    By providing funding, the college can preserve and maintain our assets to make needed renovations and large-scale repairs, including increasing accessibility for people with disabilities, addressing safety hazards, improving security and upgrades to building systems, which will make them more reliable and energy-efficient.

Specific projects being proposed

Large, modern classroom full of students

Modernizing learning spaces

Renovating and modernizing learning spaces in older buildings to meet today's hybrid and distant learning needs will allow the college to serve students and future employers from across Clackamas County both urban and rural.

Student working in a greenhouse

Constructing a center of excellence

Constructing a center of excellence for horticulture, farming, welding and wildland fire prevention, which will prepare students to enter the workplace or university for a bachelor's degree. The project could include a partnership space with Clackamas' Oregon State University's Extension Service. This includes space for multi-disciplinary programs with state-of-the-art teaching and safety equipment.

Athletic students holding polearms

Improving athletic fields and walking trail

Improving CCC's athletic fields including track and field renovations with covered grandstands for sporting events and outdoor graduation, a synthetic soccer field with lighting and completing the Douglas Loop walking trail on the Oregon City campus.

Security camera

Securing the safety of students and staff

Safety and security improvements to our three campuses through increased cameras and interior door access controls.

Team of students in engineering lab

Improving access to STEM opportunities

Partnering with K-12 districts to create a center to inspire and educate students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through hands-on learning experiences through the Challenger Center, a nonprofit organization that was created to honor the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger.

Renovated building

Building community partnerships

Adding a workforce partnership building on the Wilsonville campus will enhance the career and technical education programs we offer and bridge the gap between education and industry. By fostering partnerships with local businesses, we can align our programs with the needs of the workforce, preparing students for success in high-demand fields.

Large infrastructure machines

Updating and fixing aging infrastructure

Updating, maintaining and repairing aging facilities, including deferred major maintenance projects, campus services facilities improvements and technology upgrades to our aging computer labs and networks. Energy efficiency upgrades, along with replacing outdated and inefficient central heating and cooling plant, will create savings for the college. These projects would also increase accessibility for people with disabilities, remove access barriers as well as increase safety and security.

Planting seeds for student success

The bond measure would be a good investment in our future and make our local tax dollars stretch further by being eligible for up to $16 million in match funding from the state, federal grants as well as a partnership with Oregon State University Extension Service.

Lori Hall


Lori Hall

Public Information Officer  

Clackamas Community College

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