Summer programs

High school students in Clackamas County can participate in college credit programs all year long! Clackamas Community College (CCC) has five High School Connections programs that occur during the regular school year as well as two summer offerings: Career and Technical Education (CTE) Summer Camps and the Summer Scholars program. Students who wish to participate in either of our summer programs must live and attend school in Clackamas County.

CTE Summer Camps

CTE Summer Camps offer students the opportunity to experience college during week-long courses focused on career and technical areas such as horticulture, health sciences or industrial technology. The CTE Summer Camps are open to students entering ninth through 12th grade in the fall.

Summer Scholars

Summer Scholars is available for students who want to take more general classes like writing and math, and spans the length of the eight-week summer term. Summer Scholars is available for students completing their junior or senior year in high school.

More information about 2019 summer programs will be available in February.

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