Dental assistants are essential team members in the dental office. Working closely with the dentist, hygienist and administrative staff, dental assistants use their skills to deliver quality oral care to diverse patient populations and to increase efficiency in the office.

Dental assistants work chairside with the dentist, in the business office and in the dental laboratory. Duties may include:

  • Instrument and operatory infection control
  • Preparation of instrument trays
  • Instructing patients on proper oral hygiene and post-treatment care
  • Maintenance of dental practice records and supplies
  • Exposing and processing of dental radiographs if the assistant is certified to do so
  • Scheduling appointments

Students will have the opportunity to obtain the following certificates by passing the following and meeting required Radiological Proficiency (RHS) and Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) exams: Radiological Proficiency (RHS), Infection Control Exam (ICE) and Oregon Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA).

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Dental Assistant CC

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Dental Assistant Requirements

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Dental Assistant Essay Questions

Dental Assistant Essay Questions

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