How to Get to CCC

Don't let transportation be a barrier to getting to class. CCC offers a variety of free or discounted options to get to our three campuses. Learn more about our free and fast shuttle service, discounted TriMet passes and more.

CCC Xpress Shuttle

The CCC Xpress Shuttle provides free shuttle service to the Oregon City and Harmony campuses from the Clackamas Town Center MAX Station. All shuttles are ADA compliant and have bike racks that can hold two bikes.


  • Winter term shuttle service ends on March 18.

    Due to the coronavirus, the spring term shuttle schedule has not been finalized, but will be posted when the spring term schedule has been finalized. If you have any questions or concerns, call 503-908-3055 or email


It's easy to take the bus to CCC! Students can save $100 on a three-month TriMet pass, on sale at Enrollment Services in Roger Rook Hall on the Oregon City campus and Harmony East on the Harmony campus!

TriMet's Low Income Fare Program

Do you receive any of these public benefits?

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • SNAP: EBT card
  • Medicaid/SCHIP/OHP
  • HUD Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)
  • Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP, OEAP, or WAP)
  • Free and Reduced Price Lunch (school nutrition program)
  • WIC program
  • Employment-related daycare
  • Unemployment*

If so, you automatically qualify for the program. Bring proof to CCC's Transportation Office, which is located in Community Center 149 (inside the Fireside Lounge). If no one is in the office, please email to schedule a meeting.

Adults (18-64 years old) who are Oregon residents and earn up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level qualify for the low-income fare program. Under current federal poverty guidelines, individuals earning an annual income up to $24,980 qualify for the program, as does a family of four with earnings up to $51,500.

People interested in the low-income fare program must register at CCC's Transportation Office, which is located in Community Center 149 (inside the Fireside Lounge). Participants will be able to purchase an Adult Fare single pass for $1.25 (standard price is $2.50), day pass for $2.50 (standard price is $5), and month pass for $28 (standard price is $100).

Contact ASG at 503-594-3040 or to learn more.


Carpool to win prizes! Stop by the ASG office in CC152 to learn more.

Find a carpool to CCC. Sign up at Get There Oregon with your to find students who live near you.


Looking for a parking space?

  • CCC offers free parking on all three campuses
  • View the Oregon City Parking Map to plan your trip to the Oregon City campus. At the Oregon City campus, each parking lot has its own color: Know your colors to save time by parking near your class
  • Save time and park in the Blue Lot; there's always space for you

Walking and Biking

Rent a bike for the term for only $25! Rentals include a helmet, lock, front and rear lights, fenders, and a rear rack. Learn more.

Stay fit by walking or biking to CCC. There is plenty of free bike parking, next to your class.

Ray Atkinson


Ray Atkinson

Transportation Systems Analyst


Community Center 149, inside the Fireside Lounge