Don't let transportation be a barrier to getting to class. CCC offers a variety of free or discounted options to get to our three campuses. Learn more about discounted TriMet passes and more.

Transportation Resources

TriMet's Low-Income Fare Program
Transportation Grants

CCC Xpress Shuttle

The CCC Xpress Shuttle suspended service as of Sept. 1, 2022

Aug 16, 2022, 08:26 AM
Start date :
End date :

Please see information about the free Clackamas County shuttles below, and about free TriMet passes above. If you have questions about transportation resources, please contact us at

Oregon City Shuttle Schedule


Carpool to win prizes at Get There Oregon.

Find a carpool to CCC. Sign up with your to find students who live near you.


Looking for a parking space?

  • CCC offers free parking on all three campuses
  • View the Oregon City Campus Map to plan your trip to the Oregon City campus. At the Oregon City campus, each parking lot has its own color: Know your colors to save time by parking near your class
  • Save time and park in the Blue Lot; there's always space for you
  • Charging stations available in Orange Lot 2 and Blue Lot 1

Walking and Biking

Stay fit by walking or biking to CCC. There is plenty of free bike parking next to class buildings.




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