Rural Energy Development Assistance

Want to save on your electric bill? If you own a farm or small rural business, we can help make your renewable energy project a reality.

Whether you want to go solar, harness the wind, invest in energy efficient equipment or harvest your own biofuels, the Rural Energy for America Program may be right for you.

USDA grants are making renewable energy more available than ever. Clackamas Community College is partnering with Spark Northwest to offer free grantwriting and technical assistance so you can finally invest in your renewable energy future.

You could be eligible for USDA funding

  • Up to $25 million per project
    • 25 percent in grant funding
    • 75 percent government subsidized loans

Get a renewable energy plan tailored to your farm or business for free

To qualify for USDA , farmers must receive a renewable energy plan and/or energy efficiency plan, which Clackamas Community College and Spark Northwest are offering free of charge.

First, a representative from CCC’s renewable energy program along with CCC students will perform an analysis of the property and create a plan on how to implement a renewable energy system. The plan will include technical layouts and designs, as well as a list of contractors.

Once a plan is in place, Spark Northwest will assist in the grant writing process from start to finish.

Ready to get started?

If you are interested in a project for your farm or business, fill out the intake form below.

Rural Energy Intake Form


Learn more about the Renewable Energy program at Clackamas Community College.

Learn more about Spark Northwest, our partner in the Rural Energy Development Assistance program.

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