Roxanne James

Admissions Counselor

Roxanne James

Admissions Counselor

What areas do you focus on?

I'm here to help all students feel welcomed and prepared to start at CCC, along with a specific focus on the following schools: Adrienne C. Nelson High School, Clackamas High School, Colton High School, David Douglas High School, Gladstone High School, Sabin-Schellenberg Center PACE program, and Wilsonville High School & Arts & Technology High School.

    What high school did you attend?

    Leigh High School in San Jose, CA.

    Favorite place on campus and why?

    The Chuck Clemans Memorial Sculpture Garden. It’s a peaceful spot on campus full of trees and public art, two things I appreciate. I also like getting to see art created by our amazing students in the nearby Art Center!

    Sushi or Tacos?

    Tacos! Street style all the way.

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