Welcome to fall inservice!

Welcome to fall inservice! This year’s inservice will focus on Putting Service into Inservice. Fall inservice will begin on Monday, Sept. 19, with the return of our ever-popular Health Fair. Tuesday morning’s all-staff will be an abbreviated version compared to previous years, and the rest of the day will have opportunities for service projects. Additional meetings follow on Wednesday and Thursday, including branch and division meetings. The BBQ also returns this year, but is now on Thursday! Where possible inservice events will be hybrid with recordings posted to this page.

Note: Student Services will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (Sept. 20 and 21) and will open at 1 p.m.

Note for associate faculty

Instruction and Student Services will pay associate faculty for their participation in the following inservice events:

  1. Concept Master Plan session (Sept. 19)
  2. All-staff event (Sept. 20)
  3. All afternoon sessions (Sept. 20)
  4. Instruction and Student Services meeting (Sept. 21)
  5. Distance learning sessions (ramp-up week, Sept. 12-16)

There will be sign-in forms for associate faculty to record their attendance at the paid-for sessions. A reminder to associate faculty that in order to get paid, you will need to sign-in and include your birthdate or employee ID number. This is for identification purposes only to make it easier for admins to find you in Colleague and get you paid! To find your employee ID number, look at your pay advice in the top left corner. Your ID number is listed there. It is also on your CCC ID card.