Network Device Disconnections

If your network device was removed from the CCC network due to malicious activity and you aren't sure what to do, please check these FAQs to see if they may answer your question. You can reach out to the ITS Service Desk with any questions or concerns at 503-594-3500, or by dialing 3500 from a campus phone.

Frequently asked questions regarding Wi-Fi bans

Wi-Fi Ban FAQ

Why was my device removed from Wi-Fi?
Can my access to the Wi-Fi network be reinstated?
Does CCC provide access to cost-free anti-virus/malware tools?
Will these measures affect things like hearing aids or other adaptive technology that uses Wi-Fi?
I believe that I was removed from Wi-Fi, but I didn’t receive notification
How can I find out if my device was disconnected if I didn’t get notified?
What is the Media Access Control (MAC) address and where can I find it?
I can’t figure this out, can someone help me?
What will happen if I don’t contact the Service Desk about this issue?
I’m a community member who uses the guest Wi-Fi while visiting the campus. What assistance is available to those that aren’t CCC staff or students?
How do I keep from getting banned in the first place?

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