Engineering AS

Engineering Sciences Department | A.S. Associate of Science Degree | 2 years

Clackamas Community College’s Engineering Associate of Science Transfer Degree offers numerous options that lead to in-demand, high-paying engineering jobs.

Whether creating new electronic devices, creating novel materials based on advances in nanotechnology, designing suspension bridges or developing new drugs to fight Alzheimer’s, engineers apply creative thinking to design and develop economical solutions to technical issues. Become an engineer and you can make a difference in the world by solving complex problems and inventing technology that can improve lives.

Clackamas Community College offers engineering courses that can lead to 12 degrees in different specialized fields including chemical, civil, electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering. Earning your two-year degree at CCC is an affordable way to begin your bachelor’s degree in engineering with plenty of transfer options to four-year universities. Even better, with your degree in engineering, the career possibilities are numerous and the job prospects are excellent!

Engineering AS

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