Gerontology CC

Education, Human Services and Criminal Justice Department | C.C. Certificate of Completion | 1 year

Study the science of aging and work closely with the elderly with a certificate in Gerontology or from Clackamas Community College.

The field of gerontology looks at aging from a variety of perspectives, including health, economics, well-being, social policy and more. The population in the United States and around the world is aging, creating exciting opportunities to assist people as they adapt to the aging process. This is the ideal program for those who have a passion for working with older adults, either as a first career or as a career change.

The program includes a variety of courses and electives, as well as one-on- one advising and field experience, while the Nursing Assistant - Gerontology Specialist certificate combines the clinical training found in nursing assistance with gerontology, adding an element of medical knowledge to the practice of elderly care.

Gerontology CC

Job Outlook
Description and Outcomes

Gerontology Core Requirements

Complete 3 credits of GRN-280
  • GRN-280
  • Gerontology/CWE
  • 3
Complete the following Core Requirements
  • GRN-181
  • Issues in Aging
  • 3
  • GRN-182
  • Aging and the Body
  • 3
  • GRN-183
  • Death and Dying
  • 3
  • GRN-184
  • Aging & the Individual
  • 3
  • HE-163
  • Body & Drugs I: Introduction to Abuse & Addiction
  • 3
  • HS-154
  • Community Resources
  • 3
  • HS-170
  • Preparation for Field Experience in Human Services
  • 1

Computation Related Instruction

Complete MTH-050 or MTH-065 or MTH-098
  • MTH-050
  • Technical Mathematics I
  • 4
  • MTH-065
  • Algebra II
  • 4
  • MTH-098
  • College Math Foundations
  • 4

Communication Related Instruction

Complete WR-101 or WR-121Z
  • WR-101
  • Workplace Writing
  • 4
  • WR-121Z
  • Composition I
  • 4

Gerontology Core Requirements

Complete the following Core Requirements
  • HS-270
  • Human Services Practicum Seminar
  • 2

Human Relations Related Instruction

Complete HS-156
  • HS-156
  • Conducting Human Service Interviews
  • 3

Program Electives

Complete 9.5 credits of Gerontology Program Electives. See catalog for a complete list of Gerontology Program electives.
Total Credits Required: 45.5