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Help us keep the CCC brand strong!

In 2014, CCC began an inclusive process to develop and design a new college brand. Consider the old brand retired. Now is the time to incorporate the scarlet and navy and the new logo into all printed and electronic pieces that in any way represent Clackamas Community College. Clear and consistent branding gives the college a professional and recognizable way to communicate our values and reputation with our community.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Kevin Anspach, Creative Lead/Brand Designer at

Brand Guidelines

Want to know how, when and where to use CCC's colors, logo, tagline and more? We've established a set of rules for how the brand works. If you're wondering how the brand should - and shouldn't be used - the answers can be found here.

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Logo Usage Guide

Clear Space Guide

Poster Guidelines


You'll find logos here for a variety of uses. If you have any questions about which logo is best for your purpose, review our handy logo guide or contact Kevin Anspach.

A note on usage and approvals

  1. To build brand recognition, the CCC logo is required on all materials (print, web, video) that publicize a CCC event, class, program or service. For athletics, the mascot logo is required in place of (or in addition to) the CCC logo. The preferred location of the logo is on the bottom of the page (left, center or right).
  2. Logo and mascot usage must be reviewed and approved prior to printing/ publishing, embroidery, silkscreening or ASG stamping to confirm the logos are being used correctly and effectively. It’s a quick process done via email and is typically reviewed on the same day it’s submitted,but may take up to two business days. Please build sufficient time into the project deadline to allow for any required edits.
  3. Send your pdf proof via email with the subject line BRAND REVIEW to or

Office Templates

Giving everything from memos to presentations the official CCC look and design will lend you instant credibility and connection to the college. No need to reinvent the wheel; we’ve created a number of starter templates that you can use for all your office needs. In addition to digital versions you can download here, branded stationery, including pre-printed envelopes and letterhead, is available to you by contacting Kathy Bergin in Printing Services at 503-594-6788 or

Fliers / Posters


(7x5) with matching wrapping paper (12x18)

Holiday Card Standard thumbnail Holiday Card Cougar thumbnail

Download your favorites here and attach the pdf to your Duplication work order for printing. Insides are blank but customizable.

(5.5 x 4.25)

Thank You Card - Red Blue thumbnail Brand Toolbox - White Stacked Blue

Thank You Card - You're Great thumbnail Thank You Card - Season Trees thumbnail

Go, Cougars! Our Cougar assets are designed for use by your athletic teams, clubs and bookstore.

The mascot

The Mascot logo replaces the “interlocking three Cs” logo and is a mark for all sports teams. The clever use of descending sizes of the stylized “CCC” forms the foundation of the cougar’s head. This logo is as fierce, bold and aggressive as our athletes.

The wordmark

In the same way our mascot logo communicates who we are, our Cougars wordmark is also an essential element in forwarding the athletic brand identity. A customized font, it borrows the “teeth” element from the stylized “C” of our mascot logo and helps to imply aggression, movement and strength.

The mascot / wordmark combo (MASCOtext)

Together, our mascot and our wordmark combine to create a compelling and powerful brand identifier.

About the Garment Guides

Use the Garment Guide as a roadmap to which file to provide vendors for for determining the desired color combination of the mascot and mascot / word mark combo logos on T-shirts, hoodies, gear, uniforms and more. Note: These files are optimized for screen printing and embroidery vendors, and designed to have the fabric color act as an ink color, helping save the cost of additional inks. They are not meant for use in print or online materials.

Note: All materials featuring the mascot, wordmark or mascot /wordmark combo logos that have not been produced by the Creative Services team in the College Relations & Marketing Department must be reviewed for brand compliance prior to being printed, published or distributed. The approval process may take up to two business days, so please build sufficient time into the project deadline to allow for any required edits. Send your pdf proof via email with the subject line BRAND REVIEW REQUEST to or


Cougar Mascot thumbnail

1, 2 and 3 color, solid black and reversed (white) versions of the embedded Cs mascot logo.


Cougar Wordmark thumbnail

1 color options of the text-only version of the logo, the Cougar wordmark is available in blue, red, black and reverse (white).

Mascot / Wordmark combo

Cougar Mascot Wordmark Combo thumbnail

1, 2 and 3 color, solid black and reversed (white) versions combining the word COUGARS with the embedded Cs mascot logo.

Cougar Paws

There are a lot of paws in the world, and only one is the CCC Cougar paw. If you have the need for another element that reflects our collegiate spirit, this approved version of the Cougar Paw in black, grey, scarlet or navy could be a good fit.

Paw (Standard)

Cougar Paw Standard thumbnail

Full color, spot color, black, gray-scale and white (reversed) versions of the standard paw print.

Paw (Button)

Cougar Paw Button thumbnail 

Full color, spot color, black, gray-scale and white (reversed) versions of the "button" paw print.

Educational Focus Areas

Find your focus! Educational Focus Areas (EFAs) are groups of related programs that CCC offers. With EFAs, new students who have not yet decided on a specific program of study have the opportunity for more supported exploration with the help of career guidance, foundational coursework and assigned professional advisors.

There are eight EFA areas, and each is assigned a unique icon and color. New EFA assets have been developed and are available for use. Whether it's a PowerPoint template or graphics to help brand your EFA materials, you'll find them here.

Not finding what you're looking for? Reach out to Creative Services for help or to request additional EFA assets to suit your needs.

Zoom Backgrounds

Looking to spruce up your Zoom meetings? CCC has Zoom backgrounds available for use and downloadable here. From seasonal campus photos, to our brand and school colors, to everything in between, we have a variety of themed backgrounds.

Once downloaded, go into Zoom, select settings and select virtual background. Click “add virtual background” and select your new CCC Zoom background.

Got and idea for a Zoom background that you think others would enjoy? Need one customized for your class, event or program? Click here to fill out an online job request form.