Wilderness Survival and Leadership CC

Wildland Fire Department | C.P.C.C. Career Pathway Certificate of Completion | 6 months

Earn your Wilderness Survival and Leadership certificate at Clackamas Community College to pursue various careers in the outdoors while leading survival and rescue.

Are you looking for an active career that brings you close to nature? The Wilderness Survival and Leadership program is designed for those students who would like to pursue a variety of careers in the outdoors. Students will learn about leadership, survival, and rescue in the wilderness. This Career Pathways certificate is part of the Wildland Fire Science Certificate.

Wilderness Survival and Leadership

Job Outlook
Description and Outcomes

Continuing Education for Firefighters

Separate from its degrees and academic certificates, Clackamas Community College also offers re-certification trainings and professional development opportunities for wildland firefighters, forestry workers, public land managers and natural resource field technicians.

Our S courses, other professional workshops and refresher courses will boost your skills and allow you to advance in your profession, available at www.cccwildfire.com.

Continuing Education for Firefighters

Wildland Refresher Training (RT-130)
Work Capacity (Pack) Test

Wilderness Survival and Leadership Core Requirements

Complete the following Core Requirements
  • FRP-243
  • Wilderness I: Psychology of Survival
  • 3
  • FRP-244
  • Wilderness II: Basic Land Navigation (S-244)
  • 3
  • FRP-245
  • Wilderness III: Weather of the Northwest
  • 2
  • FRP-246
  • Wilderness IV: Backcountry CPR/First Aid/AED
  • 2
  • FRP-248
  • Wilderness V: Introduction to Search and Rescue
  • 2
  • FRP-249
  • Followership to Leadership (L-280)
  • 2
  • FRP-250
  • Wilderness VI: Basic Tool Use and Care
  • 1

Note: Courses do not need to be taken in sequence
Total Credits Required: 15

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