COVID-19 Information for CCC Faculty and Staff

As the college's response to COVID-19 evolves rapidly, this page will be updated to keep faculty and staff informed. Below are answers to frequently asked questions and information to help us all continue to support students. For general info on COVID-19 and it's broader impacts on the college community, visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notifications page.

May 12, 2020: Fall quarter announcement

Dear colleagues,

This Friday we will start to see some openings across the state amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, there is still much uncertainty regarding when Clackamas County will begin to reopen and to what degree. Because of this, our Executive Team has decided to keep fall term online, with some exceptions for particular programs.

As a reminder, the fall registration date has been moved to June 1 to allow more time for faculty to move classes online and for us to more clearly define which classes will be remote and which ones are online. “Remote” means classes will be taught at a set time and day each week, and “online” means there is no dedicated time and day to meet as a class. We are working with the curriculum and planning team to ensure these distinctions are clear so students can make informed decisions about their classes and their schedules.

The decision to remain online is not an easy one as we would like to open our doors and see our campuses filled with staff, faculty, and students again. But we need to provide as much certainty as we can to our students now, so they can plan for the fall. If businesses start to open up more over the summer and regulations for social distancing are loosened, there is the potential to move to a face-to-face format. We will be closely monitoring this. 

Your safety is of the upmost importance to me. I have asked College Safety Director Tom Sonoff to assemble a team that includes staff and faculty to plan how we can safely open the college when the time is right (even if we are not having face-to-face classes) so we can conduct our work and serve our students. 

COVID-19 and related shutdowns are becoming much longer than many of us anticipated and hoped. We have had to work harder and smarter to maintain our great student services and topnotch instruction. Many of you are tired. Many of you are frustrated. And, I think all of us would like this to be over. I encourage everyone to take some time for themselves and practice self-care. We will get through this.

Kind regards,


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Lori Hall

Public Information Officer